"the stone that the builder refused; will always be the head corner stone…"
Had to repost this from @waylonjpalmer …there’s nothing better in the world than seeing a close friends dreams come true. So proud of you @mcatsburg_swb
Happy Independence Day to everyone in my home away from home. Passion and Love to you all. #MERICA
to all the night lurkers; stay hungry and humble
custom dusters.
Op Ivy kinda day.
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL GO SKATEBOARD DAY!!! I’ll be doing this this arvo at Prahran if anyone’s down for and out of season IDGG | and much love to @carmy8379 for bringing my very first setup home from the sale yards all those long years ago.
and it begins… @kifka
Angus know’s how to make my coffee’s… Blackest of Black times Infinity. #lovenotes
@brendanparks_ keeping me hyped and looking after me. Cheers mate.
Glass in a fifth full kinda livin. @sweetwaterinn